Confirmation 2018

Calvary’s Confirmands

Sarah Hicks, Caleb Chambers, Martin Turner, Rev. Deacon Josie Williams, Taylor Pearce, Bishop Brian Seage, Marla Pearce, and Jimmy Webb

Grace’s Confirmands

Jack Coleman, Rev. Deacon Josie Williams, Bishop Brian Seage, Becky Gourlay

Dockery Service

Rogation Service

Blessing of the Backpacks

Backpacks were blessed to start off the new school year, at Calvary Episcopal Church, Cleveland, MS – August 12, 2018.

Be sure to pick up a backpack tag for yourself or for a student you know – there’s still some in the entry of the church.  The tags read:

A Prayer for Those Returning to School

Bless all students this day, O God.  Give us inquiring minds and discerning hearts.  Give us courage to persevere in all we undertake.  Give us the gift of joy and wonder in all things.  Give us laughter and love to share with all.  Give us protection and safety as we move out into the world.  And give us sure and certain knowledge of your unfailing love.  Amen.